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Indexing Videos, Engine Tweaks, and Recent Searches - Oh My!

Sat Dec 26 2020

We know a lot of users like recipes in a video format, so starting today GarlicToum has started indexing videos! Along with video searches, we've made some tweaks to the search engine itself and added the ability to see recent searches on the homepage!

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Introducing Garlic Toum, the Recipe Search Engine!

Fri Oct 23 2020

Welcome to a new kind of search engine! Garlic Toum is the search engine when it comes to looking for recipes. By searching through titles and ingredients, Garlic Toum makes it easier to find real recipes for the things you want to cook. With a hand-curated list of websites to search through, the recipes that you find come from real people. We went through and found the best food blogs and sites and indexed them for easy searching. There are no fake websites that have gamed the SEO in an effort to make ad money. The most relevant recipes show up, because that's what you need.

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